Official site of the film - http://www.piter.film/

We shot a feature film about St Petersburg. But we prefer to call this city "Piter" exactly like the locals do. This city was filmed a lot of times, but never by a brand. Especially by a chain of bakeries.

The client - "Bushe" bakery is a cult establishment and is one of the symbols of modern St Petersburg. It has 27 places all over the city and more than 500 000 loyal customers. 
They came up with the brief for a social media campaing.
Their objectives were to increase audience's loyalty to the brand and to increase the number of monthly visitors of the restaurants counting both locals and tourists. Instead of context or banners advertising in social media, we came up with the unique idea of shooting a movie.
And honestly we wanted to put Bushe in the row with greatest St.Pete's sightseeings as Zenit and Hermitage. 

“Piter by” is a branded content project which features a few short and long storylines with one unifying theme - these stories can only happen in the great multicultural city that is St. Petersburg.
The main task of the project was to show the special atmosphere of the second capital of Russia and the uniqueness of "Bushe" as one of it’s signature destinations. "Bushe" always plays a crucial part in the plot, either helping out a character at the final twist, or being the place where it all starts.
Another idea was the involving of the local St.Pete creatives into the process of film-making: photo- and videographers, artists and musicians - more than 500 people, who are on the titles, helped absolutely free of charge and shared the movie on the social media after its release.

The movie cast St. Petersburg’s cult personalities - musicians, actors and athletes. Although, this project is categorized as branded content, it was delivered to the audience as a feature film, with premieres in St. Petersburg’s cinemas. And it’s advertising campaign used all of the tools of the big feature release - online media, OOH placements, trailer releases, and merchandise.